Hejian ZhongCheng Drill Bit Manufacture Co.LTD.

    1471313102818373.jpgHebei ZhongCheng Drill Bit Manufacture Co.LTD. .(SRF) was established in 1997. It is a privately owned and proudly company. We have grown to become a leading manufacturer of tricone bit and supplier of high quality drilling tools & equipment, and we excel in designing, manufacturing, and distributing construction industry drilling tools as well as finding custom solutions to complex problems. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality tools, accessories and service in the industry. We are supported by many years of experience, trained professionals and a full machine shop.

    Hebei ZhongCheng Bit Manufacture Co.LTD, our brand “SRF” maintains a strong reputation in the construction, exploration, water well, geothermal, mining, and oil & gas industries as a company that can provide dependability and high quality products at excellent value.

    We are the expert in HDD drilling field ,no-dig ,trenchless drilling .

    SuRuiFeng a registered brand -“SRF”brand bits includes:


     SRF Bit carries a complete line of the following:



    Oil Well Bits
    Mining Bits
    Water Well Bits
    Geothermal Bits
    Environmental Bits
    Construction Bits
    Exploration Bits
    Blast Hole Bits  

     Tricone Bit( steel tooth , TCI bit)
    PDC Drill Bit (matrix body , steel body)
    Step Drag Bit(3 wings,4 wings)
    HDD Reamers(Hole opener) with replaceable cutters (cones)

    Mud motors (downhole motors),Swivels,connectors (crossover subs)

    Single cutters/tricone cones/cutters, Drill pipe,drill rod

    Rock reamer,
    Open reamer,Barrel reamer, Rock Auger,fluted reamer
    Diamond Core Bits:PDC diamond bit with Natural  diamond ,Thermal Stable Polycrystalline (TSP), combination
    Stabilier,Bit breakers,Bit subs, Nozzles

    Other related tools: Oil Vibrating Sieving Mesh, Mud Hydrometer,pin and box tap,Slips,Elevator

    Downhole Motor(Mud Motor),Power Driver,Flow Channel Reamer,Hop Reamer.Cavity Probe



    Our broad spectrum of customers allows us to offer a dynamic range of products and solutions, you can trust us to meet your industry"s demands. From working with drilling tool designers, custom part design, drafting, implementation to machining fabrication, assembly and distribution, we are ready to meet any of your industry"s drilling challenges. At “ZHONGCHENG” we feel it is important to work closely with both our customers and suppliers to develop a relationship based on trust and cooperation.

      Our company"s machine shop uses state of the art CNC’s to manufacture parts to extremely high precision and accuracy. We constantly acquire and stock quality raw materials to reduce lead times on our products, and work closely with our customers to continuously improve their products in an effort to reduce their cost per foot when drilling.

      “Hebei Zhongcheng Bit Manufacturering Co.LTD. (SRF)” has a large machine shop with numerous high quality CNC Lathes and Mills including a 4 Axis 26" Diameter Spindle Bore Lathe. We have a large welding area, and commonly preform ARC, MIG, TIG and pressure welding applications. So if you have any request for the Drill bits,drilling tools,please Call us or send inquiry to US at any time.